• Colonial Wars 2: SE

  • Control Craft 2: Modern War

  • Solarmax 2

  • Bug War 2

  • Jelly Go!

  • Phage Wars 2

  • Biodomination

  • Ultimate Army 3

  • Cloud Wars: Sunny Day

  • Ultimate Tank War

  • Solarmax

  • Little Wars

  • Catowar

  • Tentacle Wars 3

  • Infection Wars

Welcome to the Tower Attack Games site!

Let me explain a bit why is this site called Tower Attack Games and what type of games can you find here. Tower defense games are well known game type. You build your defenses while waves of enemies attack, and your aim is to clear them out before they reach your base. That would be a short definition of those games.

BUT, recently, new and quite popular type of games emerged, and they also have some key elements pretty much similar to TD games: you operate towers or small bases, and you are indeed defending. What is interesting, though, is that in these games you cannot win unless you attack and manage your forces in an offensive way. So in order to win, you need to defend your towers but also conquer other towers.

Thus said, and with no real name at current time, I decided to group those games in one place and call them "Tower Attack Games". Pretty simple. I myself (admin) am far away from an expert in the field, but until different, maybe more accurate name for those games appears, I'll call them like that, and hope that it will be recognized.

Have fun while playing games, I'm most positive you will, and enjoy your stay! In case you're looking for more games of different kinds, visit Friv Games.